Slam Poetry Video Series

Lesson 1 Imagery Using Types of Weather

Lesson 2 Imagery Using Journey of Life

Lesson 3 Imagery Using Expressions

Lesson 4 Learning to Edit

Lesson 5 Performing Slam Poetry

This series uses the writing prompt, "some days life feels like..."

Grade 3 students spend the first three sessions exploring different types of imagery to describe their life. Lesson 4 they learn the art of editing by combining their best lines into a finished poem. Lesson 5 they create a 'performance copy' for the oral presentation.

Each video starts with a .5 second sound check so you can make sure you can see and hear everything at the correct level.

Pause on the 'Welcome to Slam Poetry' slide

When you're ready, press play. Each video is 5-10 minutes and fully explains the writing prompt & objective

Press pause on the Q & A slide at the end of the lesson.

After you've answered any questions your students have, press play one last time for a 'Sample Slam Poem' that Rik performs, using the writing prompt, so they can see and hear what their poem might sound.

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Intro to Slam Poetry Grade 3

Slam Poetry Series of 5 Lessons

Intro to Slam Poetry is a series of 5 video lessons that will teach students everything they need to know about slam.

From brainstorming to writing descriptively, to editing their work and ultimately performing at a poetry slam. Each video comes with a pdf document with the writing prompt, as well as a short 'sample' slam video performance, so students can see and hear what their slam poem might sound like before they begin writing.